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Walk Your Kids On 4 Paths To Good Morals, Virtues & Traits

Our Picture Book Pathways Send Families Into Businesses In Several Towns.

Families Read Award Winning/Noted Classic Books Placed In Main Street Businesses In Local Towns.

Book custom sets & subscriptions can be picked by consumers after reading on our picture book paths.

Buy by the book, create custom sets or pick books from any theme & create your own subscriptions.

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Compiled from Top Awards

Our picture book rails will include most of the picture books that won awards from Caldecott, Coretta Scott King, Newbery, Pura Belpre, Sibert, Theodor Seuss Geisel & Young Hoosier.


Participating Local Business Claim A Scent & Sell Our Scented Soap Samplers.

We embed customers favorited items locally or ship out custom refills.

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Sponsored Themed Socks Are Chosen & Sold By Local Businesses.

Participating businesses can cluster different manufacturers socks together in customized themed pack sets.

Consumers can rate/grade their socks for years, collecting quarterly reward points for updating data.

Which brands got holes? Which companies socks shrunk the most? What socks stretched out the most? What socks faded the most?

This unique pairing of consumer & retail sales gives customers more control of which local businesses profit.

Customers can embed their sock choices into local stores they choose, for in store pick up or delivery.

Customers browse business to business, or shop online & decide how they receive or retrive it.

Shop mens socks by theme, manufacturer & pattern.

Search by manufacturer for women, for girls, for boys, for sports use & and for medical usage.

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Refills can be home shipped, delivered or picked up using local cross sellers.

Favorited items from Themed Socks are home delivered using USPS, UPS, Fed Ex or local cross sellers.

Shipped or added on reorders can be arranged into custom sets or embedded locally.

Local consumers can request to embed their favorite products on the shelves of local NW New Jersey stores.

Sock subscriptions can be custom arranged from most socks locally & online.

New Age Options

Organic & natural new age food options are taking the share away from older established traditional brands.

In 2018, Embed Local will investigate & promote these organic & natural options to further educate consumers.

Combining consumer education and taste testing will let customers find the best products.

Tastings will use samplers embedding & add ons to challenge the handful of brands controlling food distribution.

Coming Soon

candles, chocolates, free trade items, nutritious foods, drinks & snacks, printed napkins, purses, puzzles & more maker movement products.

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